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The Richard Ayoade collection – a sale in aid of charity

Sale update - over £6,500 raised for Refugee Education UK!

We’re delighted to say that we have now sold out of everything Richard hauled out of his loft and raised a pile of money. We’d like to thank everyone that has joined in this wonderful sale.

Lydia and Richard Ayoade are donating all the proceeds of this sale to Refugee Education UK.

Refugee Education UK is a charity that is working towards a world where all refugee children and young people can get into education; thrive in education, and use that education to create a hopeful, brighter future. They run direct education projects with refugee children, support and train teachers and engage in research and policy to help bring lasting change.

Thank you again to everyone that has participated, we’ll be shipping everything that hasn’t already gone out over the next few days.

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Interiors (12 lobby cards) Original Vintage Movie Poster  
Title Year Nominal size Condition Price
Interiors (12 lobby cards) 1978 German lobby cards 12 x 9 Fine £35
Notes: LAST CHANCE TO BUY. Due to a cancelled order, we can re-offer this set of lobby cards. Richard Ayoade has also offered to write a personalised thank you note with all proceeds going to charity. Woody Allen was nominated for the best director oscar for this more serious family relationship mental illness melodrama which was his personal homage to Ingmar Bergman. This is a set of 12 german lobby cards from the first release in 1978. From the Richard Ayoade collection.
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