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Ingagi Vintage Movie Poster


Price: £3,450 | Nominal size: German - 37" x 55" | Grade: Fine on linen | Year: 1931

Note: For movie buffs, Ingagi holds a very special place in film history. In the pre-Hays Code days of 1930 it was promoted on the basis that it used real documentary footage of Sir Hubert Winstead's expedition to Africa, including footage of a woman being dragged into the Congo Jungle by a gorilla for sex. In reality, it was made on a Hollywood back lot with stock footage sprinkled throughout, well known Hollywood extras as the Congolese girl and the "Wild Ape", local children were cast as the "pygmies" and the English explorer never existed. When the distributors were threatened with lawsuits, they withdrew the film from mainstream circulation and destroyed all the advertising material. However the ensuing notoriety ensured that it became a massive hit in the underground exploitation circuit generating higher revenues than any mainstream film of that year. So successful was it that a small film studio called RKO decided to make another exploitation movie featuring the love of an ape for a woman - the film was King Kong and RKO went on to become one of the biggest film studios in the world. This is an incredibly rare survivor from the first and only German release in 1931 with artwork by Lapiner. Quite possibly the only one in existence, it is a significant find. It has had light retouching to the folds only and looks spectacular.

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